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Westport woman dedicates her life to empowering women worldwide

Mark sudol

A Texas native who has also lived in South America and Libya says she has seen many interesting things in her life, but it’s when she moved to Westport that she really changed the lives of women.

Jo Fuchs Luscombe, a lifelong advocate for women, now lives at the Meadow Ridge Retirement Community in Redding.
“Behind every man stands a woman telling him what he’s done wrong,” said Luscombe, 89.
She calls Westport home.
“I came in the summer of 1969. It was still a small town,” said Luscombe.
For the next several decades, Luscombe became an active member in the community.
She was part of the Westport Women’s Club and served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations.
“I think so highly of the people that work for non for profits. They provide safety, a cushion and a help that many people need and can’t get any other way,” said Luscombe.
Luscombe says she was a big proponent of women in government. So, she later became a Connecticut state representative, serving for a decade.
“They trusted me, they learned to like me and so it was a mutual thing,” said Luscombe.
Luscombe has dedicated her life to making a difference and empowering women. She says it hasn’t always been an equal opportunity world for women.
“Probably because we have to go the extra mile and prove ourselves and to be seen, to be heard, to be accepted,” said Luscombe.
Luscombe says she is happy to see women succeed and she hopes that continues. She has also been a big supporter of environmental conservation.