Spring Nor’easter prompts school changes, as crews prepare for long duration storm


Although the calendar officially indicates that spring has started, the weather outside in New Hampshire seems to reflect otherwise.

As this spring storm moves through, landscaping companies like Outdoor Pride in Manchester, are changing their spring cleaning tools back to their winter weather mode.

“You know in New Hampshire you never know in New England in general. You never know what the weather you can go sideways they say like if you don’t like the weather, wait 24 hours,” said Degen Kelly, Director of Operations for Outside Pride.

However, despite the curveball, Kelly said his team is ready to work through the night.

“We’ve been around the block a couple times and experienced this type of weather. We’ve kind of developed some different technology and processes so that we can still you know, landscape, and keep our clients safe through a winter event like this,” Kelly said.

SAU 24 Superintendent Jacqueline Coe, who oversees schools in Henniker and Weare, said that she often relies on road crews to help her decide whether or not to cancel school.