PFAS busting partnership offers ‘forever chemical’ mitigation services

Paul Briand

A new partnership combines PFAS-busting technology with logistics and development services to help ease the growing effects of what are called “forever chemicals.”

The partners are Northeast Purification Systems (NEPS), based in Newington, and Revive Environmental in Columbus, Ohio.

Revive has the PFAS buster, with trademarked technology called the PFAS Annihilator. NEPS is a waste logistics and hauling company with access to development and construction services. Together, they say they can provide complete end-to-end PFAS liability management solutions throughout New England.

“NEPS could not be more excited to be partnering with Revive Environmental to provide first-class PFAS treatment services in New England,” said Mark Sanborn, NEPS partner and director of government relations. Sanborn is a former assistant commissioner at the NH Department of Environment Services, having left the job in September to join NEPS.

“As federal, state and local governments continue to evaluate the standards they will be requiring for PFAS contamination, we believe the treatment services offered by Revive and NEPS will be an effective solution for public and private sector organizations to meet these new requirements along with the ever changing expectations of the public at large,” he added.

PFAS is a collective term for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, synthetic compounds that have been around since the 1950s and are used in everything from clothing and furniture to cookware and firefighting foam. These compounds are in water, air, soil and fish, and they break down very, very slowly, thus the term “forever chemicals.”

PFAS strains have been identified as being risks for certain cancers (prostate, kidney and testicular) as well as other possible ill effects from liver and kidney disease, altered thyroid function and diminished auto immunity.

In talking about the hopes for the partnership, Sanborn said, “PFAS is everywhere, but no longer forever.”