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Exploring the origins and evolution of the Peace Corps

tess terrible, Catherine shen

The Peace Corps has evolved over years, faced controversy and has made an international impact on poverty.

Today, we talk to one of the architects of the Peace Corps living in Connecticut. After hearing President John F. Kennedy speak about the Peace Corps, Dan Sharp was inspired to join. He became instrumental in establishing diplomatic relations between other countries and making the Peace Corps the behemoth it is today as well.

Training and volunteering for the Peace Corps or any service organization is a rigorous experience. Have you volunteered with a service organization? We want to hear from you.


  • Dan Sharp: Peace Corps founding member
  • Khari Brown: President and CEO of Spark the Journey
  • Tasha Prados: Branding & marketing strategist, digital nomad creator & travel writer. She served with the Peace Corps from 2011 to 2013