Ohm Lifestyle Center In Wolfeboro Adapts By Offering Virtual Massage Sessions

Cherise Leclerc

Business owners in the wellness industry are adjusting to the touch-free world with a new model. Ohm Lifestyle Center in Wolfeboro to learn how it works.

Owner of Ohm Lifestyle Center Gayle Washington was forced to close her business months ago due to the pandemic. It has forced her to get creative by offering virtual massage centers.

“If you had told me that I would be considering doing massage through video conferencing, I would not have believed you,” Washington said.

It may seem hard to picture at first, but Washington said the virtual world is lending itself to massage therapy.

“We’re able to tell them and to show them what we would be doing if they were coming in for a session; we’re doing that,” Washington said. “We’re saying this is what I would be doing, I would be taking this, and I’d be lengthening it.”

Washington’s clients like Sebastien Marin are over a computer screen feeling the physical toll the stress all this is taking.

“I was starting to have backaches, pain in my neck, you know, and headaches,” Marin said.

Washington hopes to help more people and is even donating her virtual massage time to anyone who is helping on the front lines as a first responder or medical professional.

“They’re really, really dealing with some stress in their life and some real loss,” Washington said. “That kind of thing can be benefited by this.”

Washington and her staff are working through the kinks of operating amid the global pandemic.