Nine Simple Tips for Tax Season

As Granite State taxpayers and tax preparers prep for the upcoming tax filing season, the NH Department of Revenue Administration (NHDRA) is offering customers tips and resources to file returns and pay taxes.

Based on common filing errors from previous years, NHDRA has compiled a list of tips for taxpayers.

“As a resource to the taxpaying community, we are committed to assisting taxpayers and tax preparers with all their needs this tax filing season,” said NHDRA Commissioner Lindsey Stepp. “We have introduced even more convenient ways to file and pay taxes through our new online tax management portal, Granite Tax Connect. The updated technology of GTC provides our customers with a simplified yet state-of-the-art taxpaying experience.”

Access Granted

Tax preparers can request access to a client’s account to make payments, file returns, and see correspondence from the Department by creating a Third-Party Web Logon on Granite Tax Connect. To request access, go to the Granite Tax Connect home page and under “Don’t have a username?” select “Create One” and follow the steps as directed. 

To complete this online enrollment, provide the following client information:

  • ID Type
  • Account Type
  • Account ID/License Number

Once the request is complete and a Web Logon is created, a confirmation message will be sent to the email provided. The owner of the account will then receive a letter from the Department, including instructions on how to grant the requested access. Once the account owner grants access, the tax preparer will be notified. If the request is not approved in 90 days, it will be rejected.

Set It and Forget It

Granite Tax Connect allows taxpayers to schedule payments to be automatically withdrawn from their bank account on a specified date. To find payments that you have previously scheduled:

  • Log into Granite Tax Connect
  • Go to the “More…” tab
  • Select the Search Submissions hyperlink
  • Under the Pending tab you will see all scheduled payments

Taxpayers can choose to create a Granite Tax Connect account or simply make a payment without a login. With an account, taxpayers can file returns, schedule estimated payments, see a history of returns and payments submitted, and see letters received from the Department.

As a reminder, one’s GTC username is the full email address provided upon registration. Several different NHampshire tax types can be added under one GTC account.

The tax must be paid in full by the due date to receive an extension to file the return. The extension only extends the time to file, not to the time to pay.

What Year is it Again?

A common mistake taxpayers make is downloading a previous year’s version of a tax form and then forgetting to update to the current year’s version the following year. NHDRA updates its tax return forms annually to reflect any tax law, tax rate, or other changes. Before you submit your tax return, ensure the correct tax year form is used and that all pages are present. Visit NHDRA’s Forms Page online to find the correct version of all forms. To access forms and instructions by tax type, visit Taxpayers can also file most forms and returns online through Granite Tax Connect.

Channel Your Inner Mathematician

A simple miscalculation could result in delayed processing and the issuance of assessments, penalties and interest. Double-checking the math on a return will help taxpayers avoid an easily preventable and potentially costly mistake.

Keep It Consistent

Married taxpayers filing a joint Interest & Dividends Tax return should ensure the same taxpayer is listed first on the return each year. Changing the order of the names listed could result in delayed processing.

Pick One and Stick with It

Many NHampshire tax returns can be filed through NHDRA’s Modernized e-File (MeF) system or through NHDRA’s new online user portal, Granite Tax Connect. When a return is submitted electronically, there is no need to mail a paper copy to NHDRA. Submitting both may slow the process. Visit NHDRA’s Granite Tax Connect page to learn more about NHDRA’s improved online experience.

Don’t Forget to Pay

If tax, penalties, or interest is owed, ensure payment accompanies the return to avoid interest and penalties. NHDRA accepts electronic payment from a bank account as well as most major credit cards. If the amount owed is not paid electronically, mail a check accompanied by a payment coupon to NHDRA.

Be a Rule Follower

Taxpayers should make sure recently adopted rules don’t impact their tax filings each year. To view the Department’s rules, visit The rules on the right-hand column with an “Adopted Text” link have been recently updated.

The Sun Hasn’t Set on I&D Yet

The 5% Interest and Dividends Tax hasn’t gone away just yet. Any NHampshire resident or fiduciary whose gross interest and dividends income exceeds $2,400, or $4,800 for joint filers, must file and pay the Interest and Dividends Tax. The I&D Tax is phasing out by 1% beginning December 31, 2023, until it is repealed on December 31, 2026.

Sign the Dotted Line

Please remember to sign all returns. NHDRA will not issue any refunds if the return is not signed. To avoid delay, please remember this final, yet crucial step in the process.

For taxpayer resources, please visit

NHDRA’s Taxpayer Services Division is available to answer all filing questions. Contact the Taxpayer Services Division by phone at 603-230-5000 (select option 2), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

NHDRA administers and collects the following taxes at the state level: Business Enterprise Tax, Business Profits Tax, Communications Services Tax, Interest and Dividends Tax, Meals and Rooms Tax, Medicaid Enhancement Tax, Nursing Facility Quality Assessment, Tobacco Tax, Taxation of Railroads, Utility Property Tax, Real Estate Transfer Tax; and the following taxes at the local level: Property Tax, Excavation Tax, Timber Tax. To learn more about NHDRA, visit