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‘Every hire is a win’ for hard-pressed employers

“Awful” is how the owner of the Hanover Street Chophouse and The Crown Tavern describes finding workers to fill about a dozen positions. A few weeks back, he started using a restaurant staffing phone app called Fliptable that produced three promising candidates to interview.

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Parkinson’s patient: DBS has given me a reason to live

Patients with Parkinson’s, like Jeanne Collins of Manchester, have found relief for their symptoms through deep brain stimulation (DBS), whereby electrodes are surgically inserted into a targeted area of the brain and an impulse generator battery is implanted under the collarbone or in the abdomen to send electrical impulses to the electrodes to “stimulate” motor function. Recently, Collins became the first patient in New England to have her device calibrated remotely through telemedicine by Dartmouth-Hitchcock neurologist Anas Hannoun, MD.

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Alene Candles expands New Hampshire operations

Alene Candles is expanding its New Hampshire operations with the opening of a new warehouse facility in Amherst, New Hampshire. The new facility will add 12 new positions and nearly 200,000 square feet to Alene Candles’ current footprint.

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