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New Pain Therapies Available At Wolfeboro Clinic

Laconia Daily Sun Staff

Ohm Lifestyle Center is the only location in the northeast to offer spinal reflex therapy for chronic back and neck pain.

SRT is a clinical massage assessment and treatment approach that allows practitioners to identify and treat exact pain points immediately. Using SRT, which was founded by Dr. Frank Jarrell, practitioners first use a thermal scanner to identify hot spots along clients’ spines, the specific inflamed areas causing discomfort. With trouble spots identified, clinical massage therapists know the muscles on which to focus. Practitioners then re-scan trouble spots to see how muscles respond to treatment, providing specific direction for an individualized treatment plan.

SRT is an improvement from traditional clinical massage treatment, which may take therapists more than a month to pinpoint specific problem areas and fine-tune treatment. With SRT, practitioners can learn more about a client’s needs in one session than in a month’s worth of traditional sessions.

Gayle Washington, with more than 19 years of experience in the spa and wellness industry, founded Ohm Lifestyle Center in 2015, a full-service organic spa, beauty and wellness center.

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