Hannaford supermarkets announce zero food waste sent to landfills, all repurposed in community

First major grocery chain in New England to meet goal

To mark Earth Day 2021, Hannaford Brothers Co. says all its stores have stopped sending food waste to landfills.

The supermarket chain said extra food at all 183 of its stores goes to food banks and local partners, and it works with a food waste recycling company.

The company has 10 locations in New Hampshire and said this has already made a difference.

“Hannaford proves that everyone can make a difference in some way,” said Pamela Hawkes, of Families in Transition. “As a result of our partnership, Hannaford allows us to provide 500 meals to people experiencing homelessness each and every day in our dining services.”

Hannaford is the first major grocery chain in New England to meet this goal.