Prepare for the storm before it hits.

Montagne Powers Crisis Communications.

Whether you’re experiencing a PR crisis or preparing for one, turn to Montagne Powers, renowned experts in crisis communications. We are often called by clients to respond to their communications emergencies in real time. Sometimes we speak for them. Other times we train them to be the best media spokespersons they can be. 

Of course, it’s best to prepare for the storm before it hits. We develop proactive crisis management and communications plans for a wide range of clients, including public agencies, large corporations, small businesses and local nonprofits. 

Whether you need us to speak on your behalf in difficult situations, or give counsel behind the scenes, Montagne Powers is there to help you communicate effectively through the turmoil. 

If you’re in need of crisis communications services, contact us.

COVID-19 Outbreak Response

Strategic counsel, internal and external messaging and media relations to successfully navigate a COVID-19 outbreak impacting 10% of staff.

Employee Criminal Background

Messaging and media relations expertise to successfully prevent negative media coverage regarding criminal background of longstanding employee.

CEO Reputation Management

Devised a digital campaign (website, social media and online advertising) to rebuild the online reputation of CEO maligned by media coverage.

Questionable Sales Practices

Media relations campaign to defend organization against barrage of negative media coverage and governmental inquiries related to sales practices.

PPP Funding Usage

Strategic media and government relations counsel to organization in response to questions regarding usage of Paycheck Protection Funding.

Employee Termination

Media strategy and media relations regarding termination of employee for criminal activity.

Customer Fatality

Media strategy and media relations related to customer fatality.

Product Recalls

Messaging for media, consumers and business partners related to product recall. 

Case Studies

Hotel Evacuation

When a nationally branded luxury hotel in New Hampshire experienced a carbon monoxide leak, media from three states rushed to the scene as guests were being rushed to the hospital.  We responded immediately to find seven satellite TV trucks outside the hotel setting up for live broadcasts, and another gaggle of local, state and regional press looking for comment.  We introduced ourselves to the media, asked for a few minutes, then went inside to meet with our client and the fire chief.  In less than 30 minutes we drafted key messages and returned to a bouquet of microphones to give the first of several live media briefings about the unfolding situation. We remained at the scene until late in the evening, until it was safe for guests to return.  Through the event and over the following week, we spoke on behalf of our client to ensure the facts were reported accurately, first responders were recognized appropriately and improved safety operations were communicated fully.