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NH Liquor & Wine Outlets are famously known for providing the widest selection of name brand wine and spirits at low prices and no taxes. With more than half of consumers coming from out-of-state, we were tasked with developing a compelling campaign to raise consumer awareness and engagement.

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Strategy & Tactics

Create a multi-level media and marketing campaign designed to reach audiences across New England and throughout the country. We launched “No Taxation on Our Libations,” a nationwide sale offering consumers up to 13% off purchases (double their states sales tax) via an integrated PR and marketing campaign.

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Montagne Powers led the PR effort, generating more than 80 individual pieces of local, regional and national coverage yielding 33.2 million impressions. The program was NH Liquor & Wine Outlet’s most successful promotion in terms of media coverage and engagement as more than 45,000 individuals from 46 states joined its email list to redeem the saving

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