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Candle Company Making Face Shields For Those Fighting Coronavirus

Bill Shields

MILFORD, N.H. (CBS) – In normal times, the Alene Candle Company in Milford, New Hampshire, would be doing just that – making candles.

But these are not normal times. “Anytime there is a call to action, anyone’s urge is to try to do something for the greater good,” said Rod Harl, president of the company.

The Alene Candles in Milford, New Hampshire, is manufacturing face shield for health care workers. (Photo credit: Alene Candles)

The company shifted gears, made a deal with a Biddeford company for plastic, and now, Alene Candle is making plastic face shields for doctors and nurses. They’re putting out 3,000-5,000 a day. “Our goal is to do as much as we can, for as many people as we can,” said Harl.

And in Falmouth, the Woods Hole Research Center saw a similar need at Falmouth Hospital – a shortage of PPE. So the climate scientists turned over 2,300 pairs of latex gloves to the doctors and nurses.

“We’re members of a small community here,” said Phil Duffy, of the Research Center, “so our first priority is, of course, to protect the health and well-being not only of our employees but of community members as well.”