New Hampshire Liquor Commission introduces recycling program with Jack Daniels

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission and Jack Daniels have teamed up to unveil a new recycling program: Bring Back Jack.

The program encourages customers to return and recycle glass bottles, namely Jack Daniels products.

At select New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet stores, customers can return their empties to be recycled every Saturday now through May 20. Customers will receive exclusive product incentives.

“Through programs like this, we share a message reaching people to change habits in recycling. Together, we can make a difference in care of our planet,” said Nicole Brassard Jordan, Deputy Commissioner of the NH Liquor Commission.

The NH Liquor Commission hopes the partnership will encourage New Hampshire residents to dispose of glass bottles correctly.

“What we’ve done here…really took two major companies and brought them together to save the planet. that’s what we’re here to do,” said Mike Calleja, General Manager of New England, Brown-Forman.