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10 Canned Cocktails Everyone Should Be Drinking Right Now

Colleen Graham

Ready-to-drink (or RTD) cocktails are not what they were just a decade ago and that’s a great thing! There’s a new crop of canned cocktails that are surprisingly delicious and impressively duplicate the taste of a freshly-mixed drink. Ranging from margaritas and vodka sodas to replicas of the whiskey smash and Bellini, they’re diverse and offer a convenient libation for drinkers of all tastes.

The Finnish Long Drink

The Finnish long drink has been a popular drink in Finland since Helsinki hosted the 1952 Olympic Summer Games. In 2018, cans of this alluring beverage were released to the U.S. and it’s quickly finding a new fan base. This beverage (5.5 percent ABV) captures everything that’s great about the original. It’s a blend of natural grapefruit and juniper berry flavors backed by gin and a refreshing sparkle. A bit like a grapefruit gin and soda, the creators don’t like to call it a canned cocktail because it’s completely unique. However, its taste rivals all others in this category and there’s a sugar-free, zero-carb version that’s tasty, too.

Plain Spoke Cocktail Co.

Great things come in small packages, including the 200 mL cans from Plain Spoke Cocktail Co. This Madison, Wisconsin-based company specializes in canned cocktails (10 percent ABV) that are as close to hand-mixed drinks as you’re going to find. While they offer a mojito and Moscow mule, it’s the other two cans that really impress. The bourbon smash is a treat for whiskey drinkers, made with Midwest bourbon and real lemon juice and mint. Their version of a brandy old-fashioned tastes like the real deal that you’ll find at any good Wisconsin bar.

Fabrizia Spirits Margarita and Lemonade

Fabrizia Spirits is a New Hampshire company that specializes in limoncello. Inspired by their Italian roots, they make fine renditions of the sweet lemon liqueur that are used in two canned cocktails: margarita and lemonade. Each includes limoncello and fresh-squeezed Sicilian lemon juice along with either tequila or vodka and weigh in at 7 percent ABV. They’re not carbonated and it’s best to shake the can before opening. The drinks are a perfect balance of sweet and tart, making them a refreshing summer sipper.